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After a quarter century of manufacturing and caring for jewelry we have some pretty solid care suggestions for your Bloodline Design jewelry. We are proud to manufacture our jewelry without any chemical or environmental harmful processes.

Your Bloodline Design Jewelry is individually handcrafted using century old techniques. The results are classic collections incorporating .925 sterling silver, premium 18 karat gold and natural gemstones. Unlike other major brands, we never electro plate our pieces as it is a shortcut in the finishing process. Further, we do not lacquer, coat or paint our jewelry to prevent tarnishing as these practices reduce the quality of the piece and use heavy chemicals and environmentaly harmful processes.

You can expect natural aging and tarnishing of your Bloodline Design Jewelry. The natural aging is a look we absolutely love. It is the way it is supposed to be. To prevent excessive tarnishing it is important to care for and store your jewelry appropriately. Exposure to many natural elements can tarnish your silver jewelry. Prime examples are hot tubs, chlorinated swimming pools, some ocean environments and some skin products and personal fragrances.   

The blackening on your Bloodline jewelry is the result of an oxidation process using naturally occurring sulphur that may fade in some liquid cleaners. It is best to never use a liquid jewelry cleaner on your Bloodline Design Jewelry.


Professional cleaning of your Bloodline Design jewelry is recommended. Find a reputable local jeweller who has experience in cleaning jewelry. We recommend taking a picture of your item before leaving it with the jeweller.  You may also ship your items to the Bloodline Studios in Vancouver, Canada and we would be glad to clean your items for you. You will be responsible for shipping costs and there will me a nominal charge for the cleaning service.

Earrings - 15.00

Rings - 20.00

Rings with stones - 25.00

Cufflinks - 25.00

Bracelets - 25.00

Bracelets with stones - 30.00

Fine necklaces - 15.00

Large necklaces - 25.00

Wallet chains - 25.00

Please email our customer service department at and request a Return Authorization number for your items to be cleaned. Please ensure the RA# is written clearly on the outside of your package or the package will be refused. Please allow 2 weeks for us to perform the cleaning.

For regular, at home maintenance of your Bloodline jewelry your best bet is to use a Bloodline Design polishing cloth. A cloth is supplied at time of purchase of marquis Bloodline items. You may also purchase a polishing cloth HERE.. The Bloodline polishing cloth should only be used dry, on dry jewelry. Simply rub and polish off the tarnish to restore shine. Cloth will become dark as it collects tarnish. The cloth can be used multiple times and should never be washed.

Using a mild bath of LIQUID dish detergent and a soft cloth is another good method of cleaning your jewelry. Gently rub your jewelry in the mild, soapy bath with a soft cloth. It is acceptable to use a soft bristled toothbrush to gently scrub away build up of oils and skin products in hard to reach places. Rinse in warm water and pat dry. Do not store wet.



Follow the same care recommendations as outlined for silver jewelry.




The Gems found in your Bloodline Design Jewelry are natural and exhibit unique individual characteristics and hues of color. Some Gemstones are softer than others, but it is important to be aware that all gemstones can wear, chip and roughen in texture over time, particularly if not cared for. Dropping your Gemstone jewelry and rough treatment is obviously bad, as is storing them in packages with other jewelry where the items can bang together and cause undue wear. It is best to store your Gemstone jewelry in its own individual bag. Especially while traveling.

Cleaning of your Gemstones is best done using a warm, mild bath of LIQUID dish detergent and a soft cloth. Gently rub your jewelry in the mild, soapy bath with the soft cloth. It is acceptable to use a soft bristled toothbrush to gently scrub away build up of oils and skin products in hard to reach places. Rinse in warm water and pat dry. Do not store wet.




Wearing your pearls is one of the best methods of care as your natural oils keep the pearls hydrated and lustrous. In the event your pearls collect unwanted dirt it is safe to gently rub them with a soft cloth in a luke warm bath of liquid dish soap. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Pat dry and leave to air dry. Never store your pearls in an airtight container as they require humidity. Otherwise they can dry out and crack. Store your pearls separately from your other jewelry as pearls are soft and can abrade if left to rub against hard objects.



When not wearing your Bloodline Design Jewelry it is always best to store it in a closed container away from humidity, direct airflow and direct sunlight. Definitely DO NOT store your jewelry in the bathroom, on the kitchen window sill or on your dresser close to skin products. Many skin products contain sulphur and other agents that will tarnish your jewelry. It is best to apply your skin products first and then layer on your Bloodline Design Jewels.



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